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Rex Brown is an American musician and author, best known for having been the longtime bassist for the Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling group, PANTERA (1982-2003). He is a former member of the band DOWN (2003-2011) and is currently the bassist for KILL DEVIL HILL in addition to releasing his first ever solo record, The Rex Brown Band.

Rex wrote a book called OFFICIAL TRUTH 101 PROOF, which was released in April of 2013 and documents PANTERA’s formation, career and breakup. Currently, in its eight pressing. He has also written for a number of publications and other literary works.


As a rock veteran who spent more than half his life on a tour bus, Rex Brown felt his passion fading in 2014. He stepped back to take stock of his wildly successful career (multi-platinum selling, Grammy nominated, beloved by fans worldwide) and decided to take some time off to actually enjoy the fruits of his labor… living life off the road. This respite renewed his love for music and encouraged him to dig even deeper to put together an album filled with music like that, which inspired him in his youth.

Brown was raised on a peanut farm in Texas until the age of 11, listening to AM radio. His initial Rock & Roll epiphany came when he heard ZZ Top’s “Tush.” off the “Tres Hombres” Record. That music was what had been rattling around in his head and hearing it on the radio made his dreams real. “ZZ Top was a big influence on me,” says Brown. “They had that Texas Stomp boogie thing going on.” His sister was quite a bit older and took time when he was very young to introduce Brown to The Beatles and The Stones, as well as many other 70s classic rock favorites including Led Zeppelin, not to mention great bands like Foghat, Humble Pie, Etc. These influenced Brown and formed the basis of the music he would make for his REX BROWN BAND solo album.

At NAMM, a yearly trade show in Nashville was the setting for his resurgence. Brown attended with his endorsers, greeted his fans and met up with a longtime friend, Lance Harvill. Harvill had been a successful songwriter and guitar player for many years and had worked with Brown previously on another project. They settled in for 10-day sessions, once a month and fleshed out the 70+ riffs Brown had saved up from moments of inspiration on his phone, combined with Lance’s songs that he had accumulated. Sharing the duties of co-songwriting and Lance on lead guitar with Rex. Creating enough music for 3 more albums.

Drummer extraordinaire, Christopher Williams, joined the fold and introduced Brown to Caleb Sherman. “Caleb and I bonded from day one,” says Brown. Sherman’s studio experience and his multi-instrumental talents (Piano, Hammond organ and Lap Steel Guitar) lent some flavor to the music that Brown had wanted to make. Caleb is a co-producer on the record. “These guys totally understood what I was going for – we were all having fun making music together, something I had missed for a long time,” added Brown. “We made a great, solid rock record – not abandoning my Metal roots, but meshing them with the love I have for 70s Rock.”
The group was meticulous in the making of THE REX BROWN BAND’s music – layering the music with different guitar dynamics and style in each song. Brown played Guitar, Bass and sang Lead Vocals on every track. “I’ve always sung on my various recordings, but never in a front man situation.” he explained ‘It was a different experience being out there as the one guy in front of the mic. You have to find your voice.” And find his voice he did –it became apparent that his style was set and he was ready to share it with the world. He has put together an All Star touring band to spread that word loudly.

THE REX BROWN BAND is taking their show on the road in 2017 – hitting European festivals, the Pacific rim and South America before bringing the music back to America thereafter.


1990 – Cowboys From Hell
1992 – Vulgar Display of Power                                   
1994 – Far Beyond Driven                                                   
1996 – The Great Southern Trendkill
1997 – Official Live: 101 Proof                                         
2000 – Reinventing the Steel

2002 – Down II: A Bustle In Your Hedgerow     
2007 – Down III: Over the Under   
2010 – Diary of a Mad Band: Europe in the Year of VI

2004  - Lifesblood for the Downtrodden

2006- Rebel Meets Rebel

1998- Jerry Cantrell “Boggy Depot”
2008- Cavalera Conspiracy “Inflikted"

2012- Kill Devil Hill
2013- Revolution Rise

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